Human Insights Evolved

Connecting organisations with humans through meaningful engagement

Our Mission

We connect organisations with humans through meaningful engagement

We believe the art of giving people a voice is making them feel like what they say matters... and then making it matter. We achieve this by developing and applying technology supported by expert consulting to listen and understand people so our clients can deliver outstanding human experiences, creating a sustainable competitive advantage. 

Founding of The Evolved Group

Garreth Chandler and Shane Hall establish The Evolved Group as a team of two (three if you count the dog). The team of insights consultants and clients grows exponentially.


Human Listening platform is developed

We take the learnings from our consulting business and create a multi-tenanted insights platform on which to run our client's insights programs.


Conversational AI disrupts the insights industry

We create the most advanced chat and text analytics technology, Conversational AI, to replace traditional surveys with realistic, enjoyable, and engaging conversations.


Human Listening goes SaaS

We decide to scale up the Human Listening platform as a cloud-based, SaaS insights platform for agencies and clients, available around the globe.


Global Offices

We have a presence across Australia, the USA, New Zealand, and the UK, with a partner network extending across the Asia Pacific Region.





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