Replacing traditional surveys with Conversational AI

When we hit 30 million traditional surveys, we had a moment - there are too many surveys in the world. Instead, we have created the most advanced Chat and Text Analytics technology available to replace traditional surveys with realistic, enjoyable and engaging conversations. EVE (Evolved Verbatim Engine) replaces traditional surveys with AI-powered conversations.

We believe providing feedback is important and should be an authentic experience. By engaging people with Conversational AI, we can truly listen, understand and take action. Yes, traditional surveys are important and we still do millions of them, but we believe Conversational AI is the future and we are making the transition now.


The Four Steps to

An Evolved Experience

1. Listen

When we say 'listen' we really mean LISTEN. Listen through natural language conversations with people, not formulaic traditional surveys. Yes, we still do a lot of traditional surveys, but increasingly, it is Conversational AI we use to engage.

2. Learn

Learning means consolidating and distilling large volumes of feedback from employees and customers into intuitive and useful insights. We achieve this with advanced text and data analytics. Our platform will do all the hard work of finding the insights and alert you when things change or issues arise. Spend more time thinking and less time trawling.

3. React

A good listener is supportive and helps when needed. When creating our Conversational AI technology, we took this maxim to heart. Evolved Human Listening is designed to monitor feedback from employees and customers and autonomously deliver in-moment support. It also has tools to build action plans and programs of work, delivering true ROI.

4. Support

Managing your insights program should not be laborious. You should have one source of truth in the organisation. We support these goals by providing you with access to a single portal with the tools you need to efficiently manage your enterprise insights program. You control access levels, and can easily share your insights.

Why The Evolved Group?

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How do we do it?

Our technology has been developed to provide enterprise level analytics and insights powered by Conversational AI. It is a complete solution that powers all modern Enterprise needs. Not only that, our heritage as a research consultancy means we have real expertise at designing and managing all sorts of insights projects.

With over 11 years of experience under our belt, we apply research expertise with AI-powered conversational engagement technology to understand how people think, feel and act, in their own words, helping you to make decisions and create better human experiences.

Evolved innovation

The Evolved Human Listening platform is a cloud-based, enterprise-grade insights platform. It has Conversational AI integrated at its core. It also offers a comprehensive suite of insights tools to engage with humans.

You can consolidate data from multiple sources, conduct market research and analyse data. You can create your own online communities, design and publish traditional surveys and build dashboards.

Our Smart Notifications will alert you to important trends and insights. Most importantly, it will improve your understanding of employees and customers.

Human Listening Insights

Strategic Market Research

Uncovering Human Insight is not just about technology, it is also about consulting and high-quality research design and analysis. Evolved also offers strategic market research consulting services. Our Evolved Thinking team has expertise across qualitative and quantitative methods. We can address the most complex business questions with timely, expertly delivered research. 

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