You cannot have a relationship with a survey

Survey Companions

Following on from a previous blog measuring Employee Engagement with a survey is the very definition of irony , my next blog delves into the use of “conversational AI avatars” to underpin company brand values and to create a “survey companion’” with whom employees can build an ongoing relationship of trust.

We all know my view of Employee Engagement surveys. They are part of the engagement problem, not the solution. When faced with yet another request for feedback from a question and rating system, employees can quickly barge through and flatline the responses, resulting in questionable data.

There is a better way

Workplace companion Avatars, driven by the latest advancements in conversational-AI, allow employees to say what they want, when they want and how they want. The questions asked by the companion are more nuanced and engaging, with two way interaction (Our data clearly shows humans prefer conversations to clicking buttons).

Through conversations, employees are investing in their relationship with the workplace brand, as represented by the workplace avatar. Sequential conversations resume from where they left off previously. Deep text analytics allows for a level of insights and feeling about the workplace ‘vibe’ that simply cannot be derived from pre-coded survey responses.

Using Avatars

Workplace Avatars used in Employee Engagement programmes can symbolise and help reinforce the company’s values and brand. Avatars we have created with our clients have included a Lion to represent pride and strength, an Owl to represent awareness and knowledge …. the list goes on. Think of a company Avatar like a “Siri” for work, a chatbot always available to listen and empathise, probe and learn, all in an employment lifecycle context.

Through this new approach, employees feel empowered to share their inner dialogue about work and do so consistently and effectively. Not only do you learn more, but the very act of listening makes for a better workplace.

Workplace surveys are yesterday’s news and have disengaged enough employees already! The future is here, powered by AI-technology that is humanising the employee experience.

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