5 drivers for employees to become more engaged with their job and employer

Garreth Chandler

Garreth is Evolve’s founder and Managing Director. Garreth’s passions are technology, buyer behaviour and organisational theory.

We have had a very strong growing base of clients on PeopleListening for more than a year now. Consistently we have seen improvements in engagement scores. More engaged employees result in less attrition, more discretionary effort, and advocacy for your employer brand, so this is a great outcome and a big deal!

What is it that drives people at work to become more engaged with job and employer – here is what we have found:

  1. Regular feedback through dialogue is cathartic. The definition of cathartic is providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions; This is a factor we did not expect at the outset of our journey. When people get to introspect and express their thoughts and feelings, it is a positive process that helps them ‘get it out’.
  2. When managers listen, they make changes that make work a better place. Because the text feedback is specific, managers can do something with it. They can relate it to a specific issue or system that is not doing what it is supposed to do. They can reflect on their own methods and behaviours and change. 
  3. Regular feedback changes how people think of workplace surveys – we knew that people were cynical about workplace feedback. By engaging them in meaningful conversations regularly and allowing them to observe the results, we break down this cynicism.
  4. Most problems at work can be solved – when we look at the types of things people talk about; they are typically related to misunderstandings or misaligned expectations. The reality is that almost all people turn up to work and do their best. By creating a clear line of communication, we have seen these issues addressed and cleared up.
  5. The power of positive feedback – hearing people express their happiness and satisfaction provides a sense of validation and positive reinforcement

In summary, the power of conversational is that it is both a way to understand and has its own unique role to play in creating engagement.

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