Achieve future super fund growth

Superfund Listening is an insights program designed specifically for the superannuation industry.  It empowers you to manage your own member insights program end-to-end. 

Superfund Listening captures insights from every touchpoint in the member journey to power your super fund’s success.

Superfund Listening gives you member and market metrics on:

Fund Brand Health

The health of your brand in the market compared to competitor funds

Joiners & Leavers

Find out what is driving members to and away from your business

Contact Experiences

Discover customer behaviours both online and in the contact centre

Prospective Members

What do potential new customers need from your brand before signing up?

Integrated & Immersive

Find real insights in member feedback

Superfund Listening supports your superfund’s understanding of the market and members and helps you meet member needs. It generates rich, deep insights from your members’ feedback to drive action and demonstrable ROI. 

Give your members a voice

Our program gives your members a voice, enabling you to understand their attitudes, satisfaction, motivations and choices. Having a clear line of sight on what motivates members helps you optimize your marketing and communication strategies.

Out of the box analytics tools

Superfund Listening delivers pre-defined online surveys based on best practice, easy CRM integration to connect your workflow, simple dashboard reporting to drive action, and built-in case management to identify and resolve at-risk members.

Understand your market positioning

Better understand your market position to maximise your member acquisition activities.

Reduce fund attrition

Access and act on insights in real-time to quickly act on at-risk customers and reduce fund attrition.


Engage members like you never have before

Powered by EVE™ Conversational AI. Beyond traditional surveys, Conversational AI makes listening to customers a positive brand-building experience.

SuperFund Listening with Eve

Effortlessly deep-dive into your member insights

 Advanced text analytics methods are used to analyse and visualize feedback at scale including sentiment analysis, text clustering, auto-coding and emotional thematic analytics. Below is an analysis based on over 1,700 members of assorted Australian Superfunds. Our Conversational AI companion, EVE, was able to the determine the context  See the full results here.

Superfund - drivers of positive and negative NPS


The Evolved Group can provide various levels of implementation; we can be as involved as you would like us to be. 

Set Up & Launch

Rather manage the platform yourself? We can take care of full implementation before a full hand off to your business. You can opt to keep us around for support if you need us.

Customise & Manage

Need a more specific solution? Including set up, launch, support and ongoing management, we can also customise the platform based on your business’ needs.

Full Service

Want us to handle the whole thing? We can provide a full end-to-end service with all the bells and whistles. We can work as part of your team and deliver the projects, analytics and answers you need.

Leading companies choose Superfund Listening