Deeper insights on purchase decisions that begin before shoppers enter your store

Beyond traditional surveys, Conversational AI makes listening to customers a positive brand-building experience.

Our AI companion, EVE (Evolved Verbatim Engine), replaces traditional surveys with real-time conversations that enquire further on flagged topics.

You can train EVE to focus on particular topics or phrases of interest, such as "changing rooms", with different routines. She can also prompt and explore unexpected topics.

Retail Listening

Retail Listening gives you shopper and market insights on:


Gain insight on shopper expectations vs. reality, both online and in-store

Key Drivers

Discover the motivations that drive shopper acquisition and retention

Brand Health

The health of your brand in the market compared to competitors

Market Sizing

Defining, evaluating and estimating your target markets

Integrated & Immersive

Generate real value for shoppers

Retail is changing and understanding shoppers is more important than ever. Shoppers are changing how they shop, why they buy and where & when they buy. In an environment where you and your competitors are on shoppers’ phonesand available 24-7, understanding and integrating shopper feedback is critical to developing a winning retail strategy.

Reduce shopper attrition

Access your insights in real-time to immediately act on at-risk customers and close and loop on poor experiences.

Lower costs

Get the most out of your Retail Listening program – lower the cost of insights by using one single, cost-effective solution for all of your insights needs

Maximise acquisition

Use insights to understand where to prioritise your effort and resources so they are used for best effect.

Empower action

Optimise your marketing and communications strategy by having a clear line of sight on what motivates shoppers.


The Evolved Group can provide various levels of implementation; we can be as involved as you would like us to be. 

Set Up & Launch

Rather manage the platform yourself? We can take care of full implementation before a full hand off to your business. You can opt to keep us around for support if you need us.

Customise & Manage

Need a more specific solution? Including set up, launch, support and ongoing management, we can also customise the platform based on your business’ needs.

Full Service

Want us to handle the whole thing? We can provide a full end-to-end service with all the bells and whistles. We can work as part of your team and deliver the projects, analytics and answers you need.

Leading companies choose Retail Listening