Evolved Thinking

We believe that understanding humans is what makes companies thrive. Our consultants work side-by-side with you to deliver practical, commercially valuable outcomes for your business.

With deep experience in designing qualitative and quantitative market research solutions, our research consulting team works with our ground-breaking insights technology solutions to deliver results in all areas that modern organisations need insights: 

     -  Customer Experience 
     -  Brand and Communication Research
Market exploration
Strategic ad hoc research 

Why choose Evolved?

Commercial Focus

A commercial and strategic lens on all projects ensures we never lose sight of your goals.

Industry Knowledge

With decades of experience in financial services, retail, technology & FMCG, we know your territory.


Insights consulting that is strategic and practical ​

Evolved Thinking understands the importance of delivering project outcomes that can be applied in practice to deliver the commercial objectives of our clients.  

Our collaborative approach and desire to frame the problem accurately means we take the time to listen and understand your business needs or opportunity.  From there, we create the right research design that will address the range of project objectives.  This includes ensuring robust and representative samples, valid survey design and rigorous analysis.   

When presenting findings, we place emphasise on data-driven recommendations and implementation strategies. Our framework on every project is ‘What? So what? Now what?’.  These three questions always deliver the outcomes our clients expect from their research investment.  

A snapshot of key areas of expertise

Quantitative & Qualitative Research
Concept Development | Ideation | Customer Experience | Executive Interviewing | Survey Design & Analysis
Data Analytics | Experimental Design | In-Market Testing | Sensory Testing | Price Testing | Brand & Advertising Testing

Customer Experience

Systematically listening to customers is essential to creating a customer-centric organisation. We offer full end-to-end CX implementation, tracking, dashboard creations, research consulting and strategic insights.

Brand and Communication Research

Knowing why people are buying your product (or not), means your organisation can make informed business decisions. Our application of text analytics opens up a whole new world of brand measurement and understanding.

Market Exploration

Who are your customers? Which customers are the most valuable? How do you communicate to your various customer types? Through our extensive experience and analytical methods, we will uncover unique customer opportunities.

Strategic Ad Hoc Research

How thoroughly do you understand your market before launching a product? We use price testing, choice modelling, forecasting, and experimental designs to develop customised research projects to support your critical business decisions.


Providing business-critical insights

With over 11 years of consulting experience across diverse industries and business models, our market research team in Melbourne has a strong commercial focus and is equipped to answer any question that impacts your business. Such as:

How engaged are my customers and how can I improve their satisfaction and loyalty? ​

Who are my competitors in market and how do customers perceive our brand when making purchase decisions?​

What do my consumers really want? What are their product needs, expectations ​and desires?​

What ‘white spaces’ exist in the market where I can develop new products and services? ​

How healthy is my brand and is it positioned optimally in market? ​Is my advertising working?​

How do I segment my market, develop pricing and align my product offerings to maximum value?​

Leading companies choose The Evolved Group for Market Research Consulting