Human Listening Insights

A single, unified solution

Subscribing to Evolved Human Listening means having all the tools you need to build an enterprise grade insights program. Our design goal is 'insights on the desktop for everyone.'

All the applications are integrated. The data is consolidated. You can build automated processes. Easily create and publish traditional surveys or new chat dialogue with customers. You can share your results and bring insights to life.

What we offer


Surveys with Survey Shaper 

Our survey tool, Survey Shaper, is designed to suit all needs, from beginner to expert. Fully featured and super easy to use drag and drop interface with extensive question library. We can engage people through email, SMS, site intercept or voice. It’s a superior survey platform even before you factor in Conversational AI

Conversations with EVE

Instead of ticking boxes, our Conversational AI bot, EVE, interacts, learns and provides an immediate response to your employees. Coupled with Text Analytics, Conversational AI offers next level insights instead of, or in combination with, traditional survey questions.

Integration with Data Wrangler

Get data from anywhere - surveys, APIs, file uploads, and consolidate into a single database. Data Wrangler does what it says. Not only that, you can set up, automate and manage your whole insights program using a single visual interface.

Evolved Communities

A powerful and integrated set of insights tools to engage with and learn from consumers in your own online world.  We run big communities with our proven ‘triangle of success’ - platform, content and members.

Eve Conversation Tagged
Evolved Communities


Focus Words

Text analytics that works, is accurate and tells you what is happening in minutes. Big claims. True. Our approach comes with selectable models for different topics or you can create your own.

Data Explorer

Visualise your data in compelling ways. Create insights from multiple data sources and share them with others. Fast, easy to use drag and drop interface. Get started in minutes.


Easy to create, seconds to deploy, beautiful and insightful. Dashboard publisher allows you to control the flow of information throughout your organisation.


Case Manager

Identify at risk customers and push them to your support channels. Deliver advice and support resources in the moment that they are needed. Track completion against your service SLA’s online in the platform.

Smart Notifier

Automate triggers to surface key results in natural language through your central insights Portal.

Action Connect

Create SMART Action Plans in response to qualitative feedback. The inbuilt collaboration functionality allows users to form virtual teams in order to share resources and communicate ideas to resolve issues.
Human Listening Smart Notifications



Control who gets access to create content with applications and access content (analytics, dashboards, alerts) across the organisation.

Insights Library

Integrated insights library, to upload and share reports, or any summarized content, including online sources.

File Bank

Securely capture and share content including reports, data files, videos and any other relevant documents.

Powered by Conversational AI

Evolved Human Listening is powered by our unique Conversational AI technology. You can replace traditional surveys with natural language conversations that create meaningful human engagement. This delivers a better respondent experience, more insights and ‘wow’ moments every day. Not only that, it creates stronger brand relationships and makes it more likely for people to provide feedback because the process is actually enjoyable, not boring.


Benefits of Evolved Human Listening


A simple subscription model which gives you unlimited use and volume of projects and feedback (surveys / chat).


Integrated Data and Text analytics applications include smarts to surface insights that matter without having to find them.


A cloud-based solution to power all your insights needs using Conversational AI and traditional survey research methods.