Employee Listening is the next generation of workplace engagement programs that not only measures engagement but delivers real time solutions to employees and managers in dynamic online dashboards.


Engage employees like you never have before with EVE

EVE (Evolved Verbatim Engine) replaces traditional surveys with AI-powered conversations. You can train EVE to focus on particular topics of interest with different routines to prompt and explore unexpected topics.

EVE uses an advanced language processing method that parses feedback and develops realistic conversational responses. Advanced text analytics methods are used to analyse and visualize feedback at scale including sentiment analysis, text clustering,  and emotional thematic analytics.

Key Features

Full employee lifecycle engagement management, including an "Always Open" function allowing people to provide feedback at any time.

Create Collaboration Spaces to harness the collective intellect of management and HR to solve the issues impacting on engagement.

Eve Conversation Tagged

Track your eNPS over time and easily compare your team to the rest of the company.

Get an immediate pulse on what's working well and what requires attention.

Mobile-friendly dashboards and reporting for insights no matter where you are.

Create SMART Action Plans in response to issues emerging from your feedback. Schedule a to-do list and receive email reminders for overdue​ actions.


Constructive Feedback

Distribute anonymised, constructive, easily-digestible feedback to Managers across the organisation to make informed decisions.

Data-Driven Strategy

Develop strategies that increase employee retention and productivity. Understand what forms positive leadership, culture and engagement.

Early Issue Identificaion

Identify and rectify the causes of employee disengagement; become aware of issues before they become detrimental to the business.

In-Depth Understanding

Understand your employees with breakdowns of both structured and unstructured information (e.g. text) to understand cause and effect.

Understand every journey

Understand what motivates and impacts your people to improve engagement, reduce turnover and create a better employee experience - this is what Employee Listening delivers.

Real-time dashboard reporting continuously gives managers deep insights to enable their people management goals.

Why employee engagement is important to a company’s success

Employee engagement is a complex proposition. It’s not just about how your employees enjoy their day-to-day role — it’s also about how they engage with the company’s overall vision. Do they feel connected? Have they bought into the goals you’re trying to achieve?

Traditionally, this has been viewed in simplistic terms, largely to do with remuneration. But creating a positive employee experience has other considerations too, many of which can’t necessarily be broken down to dollars and cents. That’s why it’s crucial to have a window into how your employees feel, rather than just relying on the occasional employee engagement survey.

That’s where The Evolved Group steps in.

Employee Listening and EVE — your optimum employee feedback platform

Here at Evolved, we’re always looking at new ways to engage employees and measure the employee experience. That’s why we created Evolved Employee Listening, a solution that empowers employees to share what is important to them, in their own words and management can truly gain insights into employee sentiment. It’s not only about what is impacting your employees, but why?

And integral to Employee Listening is EVE — Evolved Verbatim Engine. Rather than having to rely on an old-fashioned employee engagement survey, EVE is a Conversational AI chatbot that can easily parse employee feedback and be trained to probe on responses in real-time to enhance the depth of feedback from the employee. Via text analytics, EVE can deliver a greater level of insight which can drive your business towards a more positive employee experience.

In turn, you gain insights into your employee’s engagement levels using sentiment and recurring emotional themes. EVE spans the whole of an employee’s lifecycle, from hire to retire. With an always-on function, it’s easy for employees to provide feedback at any time.

EVE isn’t locked into rote responses or set conversations, either. For example, if you know there are specific areas in your business where your employee experience could be better, EVE can be utilised to both assess problems and survey staff for prospective solutions. It’s an intuitive tool designed to learn more the longer it’s in use at your business.

How Employee Listening can help your business

Investing in employee engagement isn’t an optional extra. It’s an essential part of any successful business; the level of engagement among your employees affects the quality of their work and how well you can retain them long-term.

If you’re looking to enhance your working environment, ensure that problems aren’t going overlooked or need a new employee feedback platform, Employee Listening is the ideal solution for your business. Get in touch with us today to discover how it can aid your team.


Be a better place to work

Authentic employee voice

Deeply connect with your employees through active listening in a way that is engaging and which people actually want to do.

Life-stage engagement

Understand engagement drivers, from recruitment to exit, to increase happiness at work, decrease attrition and improve productivity.

More insightful feedback

Powered by your own workplace avatar using Conversational AI – you will immediately see more specific, actionable and relevant feedback that managers will actually use.

Designed for teams like yours

Designed for any organisation with 50+ employees who want to improve employee engagement and become a better place to work. The application includes specific tools for P&C and HR Managers.


As little as $1/month per employee


Actionable insights to support employees


Set up in 1 hour, feedback within days


Gather up to 275% more feedback using Conversational AI technology.*


Not just what is impacting your employees, but why?


ISO27001 certified for the highest data security

*Based on a comparison of two workplace surveys deployed by a global enterprise. One utilising Conversational AI while the other asked a standard open-ended question


Our Employee Listening solution is available at three levels, depending on how involved you'd like us to be. All implementations utilise our conversational engagement technology and include mobile-friendly dashboards and reporting.


Take control from day one and launch your very own Employee Listening program
$ 100 Monthly*
  • Templated program and metrics, including eNPS, at all employee life stages
  • Step-by-step set up guide
  • Multi-tiered access management tools
  • Built-in help content
  • Email support for technical issues
*For first 50 employees + $1/month per additional employee. Pay month-by-month. No yearly contract required.​


Launch and manage your Employee Listening program yourself with a little help from our expert consultants
$ 200 Monthly*
  • Templated program and metrics, including eNPS, at all employee life stages
  • Pre-launch hierarchy support
  • Support launching first wave of each life stage
  • Program specific training to support with ongoing management
  • Priority support for technical issues
*For first 50 employees + $2/month per additional employee, plus $2,500 set-up fee. Minimum yearly contract required.

Full Service

We'll take care of everything including set up, launch and ongoing management of your Employee Listening program
POA Price on Application
  • Fully customizable program and metrics at all employee life stages
  • Full platform set up
  • Ongoing hierarchy support and program management
  • Specialist insights support
  • Action planning workshops
  • Account management

Leading companies choose Employee Listening EX


How do I get started?

Employee Listening can be purchased directly from our website. Simply click “Buy Now” and you will be redirected to the registration page. Payment can be made immediately via credit card or via invoice (14 day payment terms). Once you have subscribed, you will receive links to a few short "getting started" videos to help you to set up your program.

Can I get a free trial?

Free trials are not available, although you can subscribe to Employee Listening DIY for one month (no commitments) to evaluate if Employee Listening is the right fit for your business. Keep in mind Employee Listening DIY is our base-level product, if you would like to know more about the Assisted or Full Service product, please get in touch and we would be more than happy to help.

What is the minimum subscription?

Employee Listening DIY requires no minimum subscription period (paid monthly). Employee Listening Assisted requires a minimum 1 year contract. Subscription fees cannot be reduced by removing employee life stages.

Can I assign my subscription to another person?

Yes, you may purchase the subscription and assign others to various roles within the platform via the Set Up Account Access tile in the Tasks section of the Employee Listening Portal.

What will the experience be like for my employees?

Based on the schedule that you set, employees will receive an email inviting them to participate in the program by clicking on a link embedded in the email. Feedback is provided via the Conversation Companion, where employees are free to discuss any observation or experience in the workplace that is important to them. Providing feedback only takes a few minutes.

What will the experience be like for managers?

Managers will be invited to participate in the program in the same way as all non-managerial employees. In addition, those who manage teams of at least 4 employees will receive dashboard access to their team’s results and conversations. They cannot view results or Conversations from other teams in the organization (unless they have multiple teams reporting up to them in the org structure) but can compare their own team's result with that of the broader organization. Managers can also create and track actions to address employee feedback via the built-in Action Connect tool.

What do I do with the feedback?

Our help library will guide you on how to review feedback in the dashboard and engage your team in productive conversations. Action Connect is a powerful inbuilt tool that will help you identify and manage and manage associated actions based on the feedback.

When should I begin acting on survey results?

We recommend acting on feedback within a week after a feedback wave. Action Connect allows you to formulate SMART action plans with a timeline.

Can Employee Listening identify ‘at risk’ employees?

Employee Listening has inbuilt ‘danger word’ detection that will identify language indicating if an employee is at risk. When this happens the employee will receive a prompt to contact HR.

Will I be able to see the comments that employees leave in the surveys?

Yes, Program Administrators and HR Users will be able to view the conversations with all employees, while managers (with at least 4 in their team) can view the conversations for only their team. The system will automatically redact names and any offensive language.

What branding options do I have?

You can update the logo and set the project name that will appear at the end of the platform URL. This is set when the account is first created. You can also customize the UI accent colour, for example to match your company’s branding. Additional brand updates or white labelling requires an Enterprise subscription.

Is employee feedback anonymous?

Yes. To preserve anonymity, Employee Listening requires a minimum of 4 employees in any team. Participants are discouraged from naming others in their feedback because this can lead to inadvertent disclosure of their own identity or lead to feedback being taken negatively. The system will automatically redact names appearing in the employee files uploaded each wave.

Can I export results or data from Employee Listening?

You are able to download your conversation feedback to Excel, but at present there is no further export functionality. The built-in dashboards and reporting should give you all the functionality you need. Should you need the results in another format, you may contact support@theevolvedgroup.com.

How do I increase or decrease the number of employees in my organisation?

You can change the number of employees via the Manage Subscription tile in the Tasks section of the Employee Listening Portal. Employee headcount changes will be active immediately. Price changes for increasing headcount will immediately take effect, while price changes due to a decrease in headcount will take effect in your next billing cycle.

Where is the data hosted?

Data is hosted in Australia. We adhere to international best practice for Privacy Compliance, with full adherence to The Australian Privacy Act, as well as our systems being GDPR and CCPA ready.

How do you ensure privacy?

The Evolved Group has implemented the international standard for information security ISO27001, which also has the added benefit of mapping directly with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity framework.

What happens to my data when my subscription ends?

If you do not wish to renew your subscription, all data will be permanently deleted immediately following the subscription expiry date.

Is data shared with other parties?

Data may be shared with third parties, but only for purposes of processing and undertaking Goods and Services as scheduled (e.g. data is shared with Google for translation, data is stored on Microsoft's Azure hardware). No data is on sold or used for any purpose that the owner has not agreed to.