Employee Listening is the next generation of workplace engagement programs that not only measures engagement but delivers real time solutions to employees and managers in dynamic online dashboards.

Engage employees like you never have before

Beyond traditional surveys, Conversational AI makes listening to employees a positive experience.

EVE (Evolved Verbatim Engine) replaces traditional surveys with AI-powered conversations. You can train EVE to focus on particular topics of interest with different routines to prompt and explore unexpected topics.

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Constructive Feedback

Distribute anonymised, constructive, easily-digestible feedback to Managers across the organisation to make informed decisions.

Data-Driven Strategy

Develop strategies that increase employee retention and productivity. Understand what forms positive leadership, culture and engagement.

Issue Identificaion

Identify and rectify the causes of employee disengagement; become aware of issues before they become detrimental to the business.

In-Depth Understanding

Understand your employees with both structured and unstructured information (e.g. text) to understand cause and effect.

Understand every journey

Understand what motivates and impacts your people to improve engagement, reduce turnover and create a better employee experience - this is what Employee Listening delivers.

Real-time dashboard reporting continuously gives managers deep insights to enable their people management goals.


Be a better place to work

Authentic employee voice

Deeply connect with your employees through active listening in a way that is engaging and which people actually want to do.

Life-stage engagement

Understand engagement drivers, from recruitment to exit, to increase happiness at work, decrease attrition and improve productivity.

More insightful feedback

Powered by your own workplace avatar using Conversational AI – you will immediately see more specific, actionable and relevant feedback that managers will actually use.

Designed for teams like yours

Designed for any organisation with 50+ employees who want to improve employee engagement and become a better place to work. The application includes specific tools for P&C and HR Managers.

Key Features

Full employee lifecycle engagement management including an "Always Open" function allowing people to provide feedback at any time.

Simple, action-oriented insights delivered via easy-to-read dashboards.

Create SMART action plans in response to issues emerging from your feedback. Schedule a to-do list and receive email reminders for overdue​ actions.

Mobile-friendly dashboards and reporting for insights no matter where you are.

Create Collaboration Spaces to harness the collective intellect of management and HR to solve the issues impacting on engagement.

*Based on a comparison of two workplace surveys deployed by a global enterprise. One utilising Conversational AI while the other asked a standard open-ended question


Our Employee Listening solution is available at three levels, depending on how involved you'd like us to be. All implementations utilise our conversational engagement technology and include mobile-friendly dashboards and reporting.


Take control from day one and launch your very own Employee Listening program
$ 100 Monthly*
  • Templated program and metrics, including eNPS, at all employee life stages
  • Step-by-step set up guide
  • Multi-tiered access management tools
  • Built-in help content
  • Email support for technical issues


Launch and manage your Employee Listening program yourself with a little help from our expert consultants
$ 200 Monthly*
  • Templated program and metrics, including eNPS, at all employee life stages
  • Pre-launch hierarchy support
  • Support launching first wave of each life stage
  • Program specific training to support with ongoing management
  • Priority support for technical issues

Full Service

We'll take care of everything including set up, launch and ongoing management of your Employee Listening program
POA Price on Application
  • Fully customisable program and metrics at all employee life stages
  • Full platform set up
  • Ongoing hierarchy support and program management
  • Specialist insights support
  • Action planning workshops
  • Account management

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