Employee Listening is now available as a “click & go” solution! Is it the right program for your business?

Let’s start with People & Culture

Nowadays, it is broadly accepted that to run a successful organisation you need to have engaged people. And that to keep people engaged, you need to be able to understand and respond to their unique perspectives. Diversity of thought is something to be celebrated—and something that can give you a real competitive edge.

As much as we might try, we will never know everything about everything.  We might not even achieve knowing everything about anything—but the pursuit of knowledge is a noble one: If we remain open to learning and try to look beyond the immediately obvious, we can hope to better understand the things that are most important to us.  

This is true in both our personal and professional lives. 

How do we pick the right Employee Feedback Program?

1. Active Listening

When we want to get to know someone, we don’t ask them to complete a structured survey. And we certainly don’t limit our dialogue to a once-in-a-year window.

Ernest Hemmingway once said “When people talk, listen completely. Don’t be thinking about what you’re going to say. Most people never listen.” Sending our employees a battery of questions about all the things we think are important, creating a 1-sided dialogue seems like this acted out on an organisational scale.

Instead, creating space for employees to say as much—or as little—as they wish about their own experiences, in their own words, enables much more effective connection and active listening.

With this in mind, The Evolved Group has developed what we call Conversational Engagement“. This uses AI to facilitate open-ended chats with people; a much more engaging experience that yields more detailed feedback and much deeper insight.

2. Learn & Understand

Conversational Engagement is at the heart of Employee Listening, our platform for listening to, understanding and responding to employee feedback.

A life-cycle based platform, Employee Listening enables us to engage with employees throughout their time in the organisation; from recruitment and onboarding through to moving on to pastures new. It also allows us to establish an always-open feedback channel, where people can share thoughts, praise, pain-points and ideas whenever they wish.

Feedback is presented in powerful yet simple and easy to understand dashboards, which clearly highlight the areas in which we are doing well and those which might require further attention. Also being mobile-friendly, managers and HR practitioners alike have all the insight they need to effect meaningful change within the organisation in the palm of their hand (or, on the nearest desktop computer).

3. Take Action & Connect

Asking people to talk about their experiences is one thing, understanding the key issues of the day is another, but what really sets a successful employee feedback program apart is taking—and being seen to be taking—action.

Employee Listening features Action Connect, a tool which allows dashboard users to create SMART action plans against identified topics of interest and manage them through to completion. And because we believe in the power of collaboration and shared wisdom, Action Connect also allows users to create Collaboration Spaces around any topic of interest; virtual hangouts where managers or HR practitioners can discuss issues, share suggestions and upload useful resources.

Employee Listening can suit any team size and budget

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