Research is changing. With customers & employees at the heart of organisational strategy, The Evolved Group understands the importance of human derived insights. Our team are adept at both qualitative and quantitative market research methods and also apply all of our groundbreaking technology.  


Research consulting that is strategic but practical ​

We are a group of passionate Research Consultants who consistently deliver powerful insights to our clients. We dig deeper to go past obvious answers to really explore the underlying answers to your business problems and opportunities.

It all starts with a blank sheet of paper and a desire to frame the problem accurately.  From there, we design the right research design that will address the range of project objectives.  This includes ensuring robust and representative samples, valid survey design and rigorous analysis. 

When presenting research findings we place a strong emphasis on communication.  Our framework on every project is ‘what, so what, now what’.  These three questions always deliver the outcomes our clients expect from their research investment. 


Providing business-critical insights

We have a strong commercial focus in our work based on a decade of consulting experience across diverse industries and business models​. Our team is equipped to answer questions that impact various aspects of your business.

How engaged are my customers and how can I improve their satisfaction and loyalty? ​

Who are my competitors in market and how do customers perceive our brand when making purchase decisions?​

What do my consumers really want? What are their product needs, expectations ​and desires?​

What ‘white spaces’ exist in the market where I can develop new products and services? ​

How healthy is my brand and is it positioned optimally in market? ​Is my advertising working?​

How do I segment my market, develop pricing and align my product offerings to maximum value?​

A snapshot of key areas of expertise

We have a wide range of expertise, including qualitative research​, concept development and ideation, customer experience​, executive interviewing​, survey design ​and analysis​, data analytics, experimental design​, in market testing​, sensory testing, price testing​, brand and advertising testing.

Customer Experience

Capturing and understanding your customers' experiences is essential to creating a customer-centric organisation. We offer full end-to-end CX implementation, tracking, dashboard creations and strategic insights.

Brand and Communication Research

Understanding your brand perceptions and positioning is critical to driving long term success. Knowing why people are buying your product, coming into your store (or not), means your organisation can make informed business decisions, backed by insights. We create Brand Tracking programs that fit your business's individual niche.


Who are your customers? Which customers are the most valuable? How do you communicate to your various customer types? Through our extensive experience and analytical methods, we will uncover unique customer opportunities.

Bespoke Research

Our consultants and specialists can also work with you to create bespoke and highly sophisticated research designs. From price testing, choice modelling, forecasting, or experimental designs, we have a team of experts ready to discuss your personal requirements. We create bespoke designs to suit your needs.

Bringing strategy to life

Our collaborative and partnership approach means we take the time to listen, understand your business, develop the right framework and implementation strategies.

With all our team in-house, from scripting, development work, innovation, and analytics, it means you get real-time access to a wealth of expertise.

Leading companies choose The Evolved Group for Research Consulting