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Zenith is a media agency focused on ROI that blends data, technology and brilliant specialists to scout out new opportunities, solve complex challenges and grow their clients’ businesses. They are experts in communications planning, media planning, value optimisation, technology, and data & analytics. With clients such as Honda, ALDI and Disney, Zenith are well-versed in delivering profitable top-line growth for businesses of any size.


To make informed communications and media planning decisions, Zenith regularly conducts research for its clients. Rather than working with vendors on various insights platforms, Zenith needed a powerful platform that would allow it to run its own research projects, end-to-end. This would facilitate quicker turnaround of research projects, the ability to conduct research in-house, faster actioning of results, and in turn, more satisfied clients.


Our Evolved Human Listening platform was deployed, enabling Zenith to script and run its own surveys, product test, and conduct pre- and post-campaign analyses. With training and continuous support from the Evolved team, Zenith was seamlessly able to get up and running on the platform to run their own research projects, saving time and money.


Zenith now uses Evolved Human Listening as a self-serve tool, running up to 50 surveys per year. The tools available in the Evolved Human Listening platform make it easy for Zenith to regularly create and launch surveys, analyse results, and display results via dynamic dashboards, ultimately helping make more informed decisions for its clients. Evolved Human Listening has enabled Zenith to run more effective and efficient client projects, as well as reduce research costs and project timelines.

“Evolved Human Listening has all of the tools we need to easily create and run our own surveys. The flexibility of being able to set up our own surveys whenever we like has been game changing! Not only is the platform very user-friendly, but the team at Evolved always provide the best support and advice.”

Kim Xavier, Head of Strategic Insights

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