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MEGT is an Australian not-for-profit organisation that has been supporting local employers, apprentices, trainees, job seekers and students for almost 40 years. Its experienced local consultants work across Australia helping businesses, apprentices and trainees get the most from the Australian Apprenticeships program. 


MEGT is a diverse organisation operating in a complex environment, and therefore needs to understand its brand equity with key audiences to support its marketing strategy and identify future growth opportunities.  


The Evolved Group worked with MEGT to explore its key markets and measure its success right through the brand funnel via a Brand Health 360 program. This involved engaging with customers, prospective customers, job seekers, school leavers, and career advisors. 


The Evolved Group was able to identify practical and strategic opportunities to enhance the MEGT brand impact across all levels, including optimising advertising channels, improving visibility with potential clients, and uncovering opportunities for introducing its services to new markets. 

“The Evolved Group provided invaluable insights to help us gain a 360-degree view of our organisation and all key stakeholders. This research will play a key role in all future communications, helping us build and measure effective marketing campaigns, ultimately helping our organisation grow.” 

Bridie Gildea, Chief Executive Officer, MEGT

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