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Global engineering and professional services firm GHD has experienced a period of strong global growth with 10,000 employees across a range of geographies.


With a growing global workforce, a reliance on bi-annual employee surveys, and the subsequent wait for results to act upon, GHD applied its appetite for adopting new technologies to a need for timely feedback.


Employee Listening was launched in October 2018 and has since been scaled up across the enterprise, delivering a more timely and responsive way of engaging with employees across a diverse range of markets and cultures.


  • 20% higher response rate
  • 300% more feedback
  • 80% of respondents found the conversational approach to be a positive experience

Employee Listening enabled GHD to gather more employee feedback, respond to feedback with greater immediacy and dramatically improve the communication of results via an easy-to-use dashboard. The increase in feedback data has allowed GHD to better understand the experiences of its new hires and identify opportunities to be a better, more responsive employer. Employee Listening is now active across all GHD’s regions and has become a critical management tool to help its people and culture thrive.

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