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Employee Listening

About CPL

CPL is a leading Australian disability services and support provider that helps people of all ages to maximise their potential. They are a profit-for-purpose organisation that provides support to more than 5,000 children and adults with disabilities in Queensland and Northern NSW. 


CPL was looking for a new and innovative method of monitoring employee engagement, recognising its impact on the overall business.


Employee Listening was deployed across the entire workforce of 2,700 employees. Four rounds of Employee Listening have been completed within the first year of the program with “Lee” – CPL’s workplace AI companion –greeting new employees and having regular conversations with established employees.


Engagement has continually increased among employees, managers and the board, with participation in the program now seen as a critical measure of CPL’s success.

“The most valuable attributes of the program are the variety of feedback opportunities for employees, the quick turnaround of results, the ability to identify trends over time, and the opportunity to gain insights from direct feedback.”

Julie Byth, Chief Experience Officer, CPL