Engage customers like you never have before

Beyond traditional surveys, Conversational AI makes listening to customers a positive brand-building experience.

EVE (Evolved Verbatim Engine) replaces traditional surveys with AI-powered conversations. You can train EVE to focus on particular topics of interest with different routines to prompt and explore unexpected topics.

Customer Listening

Bespoke solutions based on your customers' needs

The Evolved Group’s unique combination of industry and research consulting expertise powered by Evolved Human Listening™ technology enables us to develop award-winning Customer Listening programs.

It’s brilliant CX programs by design, not one size fits all. Our customer listening CX programs are specific to each client, industry-relevant and highly integrated.

Key Benefits

Your Design

Connect through multiple channels aligned to your customer touchpoints - e.g. inbound calling, email, SMS, online, social.

Consolidated feedback

See all your internal metrics in one place e.g. call centre data, financial data, or external sources such as social media metrics.

Live Dashboards

Develop dashboards and share them throughout the organisation, controlling who has access to data and when.

In-depth analysis

Understand your customers with both structured and unstructured information (e.g. text) to understand cause and effect.

Integrated & Immersive

Develop deep customer insights

Bring the customer voice to life and drive strategic decision making.  Generate ROI by identifying and recovering at risk relationships. Automate your CX program and speed up delivery of critical customer feedback to front of house, marketing and product.

Managed implementation

Our structured program design and implementation process guarantees success – our team will support you and your organisation throughout the process.

Ongoing services & support

Get the most out of your Customer Listening CX program – insights analytics, data analytics, technical support and other services at call.

Bring your ideas to life

Our programs include strategic, episodic and transactional listening posts to fully understand the customer journey.

Broader integrations available

Seamlessly integrate with our Employee Listening EX and Community platforms for a complete organisational solution.

By engaging with your customers on a more personal level and collating the vast amounts of information collected during text conversations, surveys, email exchanges and other interactions, you can develop a much deeper understanding of what they really want. Our advanced customer experience platform will provide you with the tools you need to improve customer relationships exponentially. It will also enable you to use the feedback you receive to make lasting and profitable changes to the products or services that your business has to offer.

Use customer insights to drive your business forward

With Customer Listening CX, you can gauge reactions to existing business strategies and formulate new, more effective strategies after evaluating these reactions with our comprehensive platform. The fully integrated suite of our Evolved Human Listening platform, including conversational AI, data analytics and technical support tools makes effective customer engagement a much simpler goal to achieve and offers a far greater level of insight than is possible with conventional tools and methods.

Explore our customer engagement software today

Don’t let the grass grow under your feet: find out exactly what Customer Listening CX can do for your business today. Businesses of all sizes in Australia, and all over the world, have already discovered how effective our customer engagement platform is and are using it to steal a march on the competition. We can help your business to remain highly competitive in the future by providing you with a customised CX solution that meets your specific requirements.

What are the main features of The Evolved Group’s customer experience software?

Our Customer Listening CX platform features the Evolved Verbatim Engine (EVE), which is designed to offer AI-led conversations to your customers instead of pre-programmed responses or dull customer questionnaires. It also features a wide range of highly-effective listening/information gathering tools, along with advanced analytical programs that allow you to drill down into collected data and extract maximum value from your customer interactions.

How can the Customer Listening product help my business?

Businesses across Australia have the opportunity to gather a huge volume of information about their customers on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most businesses fail to take advantage of this opportunity and those that do are often unable to analyse the resulting data in a timely and meaningful manner. But with our advanced customer engagement software, your business can take full advantage of the opportunity to gather information and gain valuable customer insights in the process.


The Evolved Group can provide various levels of implementation; we can be as involved as you would like us to be. 

Set Up & Launch

Rather manage the platform yourself? We can take care of full implementation before a full hand off to your business. You can opt to keep us around for support if you need us.

Customise & Manage

Need a more specific solution? Including set up, launch, support and ongoing management, we can also customise the platform based on your business’ needs.

Full Service

Want us to handle the whole thing? We can provide a full end-to-end service with all the bells and whistles. We can work as part of your team and deliver the projects, analytics and answers you need.

Leading companies choose Customer Listening CX