Meet EVE, our Conversational AI companion

EVE (Evolved Verbatim Engine) replaces traditional surveys with AI-powered conversations. Instead of reading agree and disagree statements written by researchers, customers engage with an inquisitive feedback companion.

We have developed advanced language processing methods to parse feedback and develop realistic conversational responses. Advanced text analytics methods are used to analyse and visualize feedback at scale including sentiment analysis, text clustering, auto-coding and emotional thematic analytics.

Engage employees and customers like you never have before with EVE

You can train EVE to focus on particular topics of interest with different routines to prompt and explore unexpected topics.


If you wanted to get to know someone, you wouldn't make them do a survey

People prefer expressing themselves in their own words, written or verbal. That’s why Conversational AI is the next generation of insights technology. 

Why ask someone to rate something, when you can tell what they think by their tone of voice and choice of words? It’s game changing.

How it changes insights for the better​

Natural conversations

More natural conversations create higher engagement and sustained higher response rates.

Real brand engagement

Real brand engagement that transcends surveys – a trusting ongoing conversation between a brand avatar and consumer / employee.

Delivers deeper insights

Deeper insights from iterative probing – effectively providing ‘qualitative at scale’. Shorter surveys that paradoxically, deliver more insight.

Increases depth of information captured

5 X

as much feedback versus traditional surveys

2.1 X

more usable feedback versus standard open endeds

1.6 X

the number of topics mentioned over standard open endeds