Facing 2030: The Future of Market Research

A great deal has changed in the research indutry over the past decade. So what’s on the horizon for the world of market research in the next ten years? See my predictions below.

How to learn a new skill in 20 hours

Learning a new skill is tricky – you need to be patient and persistent. But what if you needed to put in just 20 hours of work to hone a new skill?

Why language is the best source of insights

The human brain is encoded to understand information that is embedded in our use language. For this reason, the collection and analysis of feedback needs to find ways to determine not just what people are saying but how they say it to deliver real insight. Learn how conversational engagement, driven by AI technology achieves this.

3 New Year tips to improve employee productivity

Do you want to reset your employee engagement strategy and improve your organisation’s productivity? Learn the three things you can do, based on what the best of breed organisations are doing.

How negative language hinders creative work

By Juliana Valencia. Working in research means that most of the time, you are navigating through the unknown while learning about new things through the lens of the respondent.