Video: CX Chat with Aspire42 – Part 2

In Part 2 of our CX series with Paul Winslow, CMO at Aspire42, Paul and Garreth discuss the importance of knowing your business’ strengths and doing due diligence before proceeding with any major business decisions.

Why companies use market research

What is market research and why do companies use it? When asked “what does Evolved do?”, we often reference the diagram below and give the answer ‘identify opportunities and optimise experiences’ for our clients. More directly, the question ‘why do companies do research?’ can yield very obvious answers. For example, organisations do CX research to track […]

Video: CX Chat with Aspire42 – Part 1

This week we’re premiering a series of CX videos featuring Paul Winslow, Chief Marketing Officer at Aspire42. In the first of this series, Paul and Garreth chat about the significant impact that listening to your customers has on driving innovation and why it’s particularly important during turbulent times.

What it means to be ISO27001 Certified

Our journey to become an ISO27001 Information Security Management certified organisation started back in 2014, which was when our (at the time) small business was handed a stack of paperwork by a client, asking to complete it yesterday. At that moment I had absolutely no idea what ISO27001 was for, why would I care about […]

Do Super funds have a case of “Keeping up with the Jones'”?

When we consider the adoption of technology, we typically categorise people, or companies, as: Innovators Early Adopters Early Majority Late Majority Laggards Fast Followers Within each of the above cohorts, there’s a subgroup eagerly watching the adopters before them, referred to as “Fast Followers”. They don’t want to be the guinea pig within their sector […]

Video: Which CX KPIs really matter?

Customer Experience KPIs such as NPS, satisfaction, loyalty and performance are commonly used in surveys to determine how customers are feeling about a brand. This takes up valuable time not only for respondents, but for the brands conducting the research. We’ve previously written about how these KPIs relate and if they’re in fact measuring the […]

Video: CX chat with Operative Intelligence

Contact centres are notorious for having poor customer experience. Think about it… when was the last time you ended a call with a customer service representative where you were truly happy and satisfied? Evolved and Operative Intelligence (OI) have partnered to transform contact centres – experientially and operationally. We use AI to help businesses understand […]

Data science as a creative art

data science as a creative art

Some years ago, when the Earth was new, I did some work with a global data provider that wanted to look at how their clients used their tools and shared knowledge across departments. We mapped how information flowed through organizations like media companies, manufacturers and retailers. It was a pretty big study by ethnographic standards. […]

Superannuation – Head vs Heart

A pervasive measure in the Superannuation industry is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). For this reason, The Evolved Group started tracking NPS across a national sample of Australians this year. We will be publishing findings regularly during the year e.g. key trending themes and benchmarks. With our Conversational AI technology as well as our Superfund Listening product, we […]