How negative language hinders creative work

By Juliana Valencia. Working in research means that most of the time, you are navigating through the unknown while learning about new things through the lens of the respondent.

That’s your data, by the way

Do you know how your personal data is being managed by organisations? In this post we explore the balancing security, privacy and consent for data use.

The elevated outcomes of true teamwork

What is true teamwork? We focus on individual skills and knowledge, training and specialties we bring to a job but just how important is collaboration?

Do you need a degree to get a job?

Full disclosure, I don’t have a degree. When I left school, I thought I had an idea of what I wanted to do but I wasn’t sure. To help me figure out what I wanted to do before committing to a degree, I became a fan of doing shorter taster courses. And then the lure of travel happened.

Don’t be afraid to pivot

What is a pivot? A pivot can be a change in strategy, shift in positioning, finding the right customer. It can be based on research or sometimes it’s following your instinct and experimenting.

The CX Principles that can guarantee a successful program – Part 4

At The Evolved Group, there are a number of CX Principles we follow to ensure we build successful CX programs. Essentially these principles are divided into four important groups – employees and customers, program owners, stakeholders, and the leadership group – and I’ll explore them in detail over the course of this year.