Why should CEOs care about Conversational AI?

Our co-founder and CEO, Garreth Chandler, was recently featured in Andrew Bull’s business podcast Interstellar Business Show. In the episode Garreth gives practical tips to CEOs about implementing Conversational AI to deliver customer and employee insights to brands. Here’s what’s covered in the episode: What is Conversational AI and how does The Evolved Group use […]

Retained IP in a future AI world – what it is and why it matters

Note: This article first appeared in ESOMAR’s Research World publication. The net present value of market research investment is silently, and profoundly, changing. The Status Quo Market research has existed as an industry since the 1920s. Over the last 100 years, there have been many innovations. For most of that time, however, the intellectual property […]

The Future of Human Insights

“There is only one purpose of a business: to create a customer” – Peter Drucker Market Research It’s obviously a moving target but the latest projections value the global market research sector at about US $74 Billion, to reach $83 Billion by 2023. Massive agencies have grown up around offering a myriad of services related […]

Video CX Chat with Aspire42 Part 4

A big thank you to Paul Winslow, CMO at Aspire42, for joining us in this CX video series. In this final chat, Paul discusses how to overcome key challenges he faces as a Chief Marketing Officer.

Video CX Chat with Aspire42 Part 3

In the third of this four-part CX series, Paul Winslow chats with Garreth about using innovation to help the business flourish through turbulent times.

Video: CX Chat with Aspire42 – Part 2

In Part 2 of our CX series with Paul Winslow, CMO at Aspire42, Paul and Garreth discuss the importance of knowing your business’ strengths and doing due diligence before proceeding with any major business decisions.

Why companies use market research

What is market research and why do companies use it? When asked “what does Evolved do?”, we often reference the diagram below and give the answer ‘identify opportunities and optimise experiences’ for our clients. More directly, the question ‘why do companies do research?’ can yield very obvious answers. For example, organisations do CX research to track […]

Video: CX Chat with Aspire42 – Part 1

This week we’re premiering a series of CX videos featuring Paul Winslow, Chief Marketing Officer at Aspire42. In the first of this series, Paul and Garreth chat about the significant impact that listening to your customers has on driving innovation and why it’s particularly important during turbulent times.