Data science as a creative art

data science as a creative art

Some years ago, when the Earth was new, I did some work with a global data provider that wanted to look at how their clients used their tools and shared knowledge across departments. We mapped how information flowed through organizations like media companies, manufacturers and retailers. It was a pretty big study by ethnographic standards. […]

Superannuation – Head vs Heart

A pervasive measure in the Superannuation industry is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). For this reason, The Evolved Group started tracking NPS across a national sample of Australians this year. We will be publishing findings regularly during the year e.g. key trending themes and benchmarks. With our Conversational AI technology as well as our Superfund Listening product, we […]

Facing 2030: The Future of Market Research

A great deal has changed in the research indutry over the past decade. So what’s on the horizon for the world of market research in the next ten years? See my predictions below.

How to learn a new skill in 20 hours

Learning a new skill is tricky – you need to be patient and persistent. But what if you needed to put in just 20 hours of work to hone a new skill?

Why language is the best source of insights

The human brain is encoded to understand information that is embedded in our use language. For this reason, the collection and analysis of feedback needs to find ways to determine not just what people are saying but how they say it to deliver real insight. Learn how conversational engagement, driven by AI technology achieves this.