You cannot have a relationship with a survey

Delving into the use of “conversational AI avatars” to underpin company brand values and to create a “survey companion’” with whom employees can build an ongoing relationship of trust.

The ROI of Employee Engagement programmes

By Paul Burley. Employee engagement programmes have a number of benefits for an organization, including better relationships or a greater sense of empathy; building a culture of feedback and action.

Why Employee Feedback matters now, more than ever

Periods of disruption such as COVID-19 can have lasting effects for businesses – in areas that we might not have ever expected. One of the consequences of the past few months is that many businesses have been in ‘survival mode’ – focusing on what is directly in front of them – whether this is the work pipeline, remote working adjustments or redundancies.

Homeplace Culture

For those of us that now find ourselves working from home during the pandemic, and now also coming to an understanding that this may well continue after the virus is under control, how does company and workplace culture matter if we’re not physically in an office environment?