Video: EX Chat with GHD – Part 3

In the third and final EX chat with GHD, Elliot Wood tells us about the challenges he faces in managing a global team, how insights help alleviate some of these challenges and the main causes of disengagement in the professional services industry.

Video: EX Chat with GHD – Part 2

In Part 2 of our EX chat with GHD, Elliot and Garreth discuss the most important aspect of measuring employee experience: using the data to better employee experiences.

Video: EX Chat with GHD – Part 1

Joining Evolved’s CEO, Garreth, is Global Talent Management Leader, Elliot Wood, from engineering and professional services firm GHD. In Part 1, they discuss some of the important issues facing HR managers today, the impacts of working from home on employee well-being, and the importance of having a constant pulse on your employees.

Study: How Australians Feel About Returning To The Office

According to our study of over 1,400 Australians, only 5-7%  wish to return to the office full-time. This is quite a small percentage considering that up until last year, most of us were working in the office full-time. This prompted me to dig a little bit deeper into the key themes found in the 50,000 […]