Australian B2B NPS industry benchmarks – 2022 edition

Access and understand Net Promoter Scores Benchmarks for Australian B2B suppliers. Learn more about the scores and benchmarks, by industry, including the drivers of NPS performance. Benchmarks available include IT Products, Services and Hardware, Education and Training, Insurance, Legal Services and more.

Video CX Chat with Aspire42 Part 4

A big thank you to Paul Winslow, CMO at Aspire42, for joining us in this CX video series. In this final chat, Paul discusses how to overcome key challenges he faces as a Chief Marketing Officer.

Video CX Chat with Aspire42 Part 3

In the third of this four-part CX series, Paul Winslow chats with Garreth about using innovation to help the business flourish through turbulent times.

Video: CX Chat with Aspire42 – Part 2

In Part 2 of our CX series with Paul Winslow, CMO at Aspire42, Paul and Garreth discuss the importance of knowing your business’ strengths and doing due diligence before proceeding with any major business decisions.

Does my brand need an online community?

Great things came out of the 1980s. Hollywood gave us Marty McFly and Indiana Jones. Whitney Houston gave us those iconic key changes. And Nintendo spawned Mario and Luigi. But did you know that the term “virtual community” was first coined in the 1980s too?    Over the past four decades, the movement has advanced tremendously. From its early beginnings in facilitating virtual connections between readers and writers, scientists and students, or for intellectual debate (over dial up), […]

Video: CX chat with Operative Intelligence

Contact centres are notorious for having poor customer experience. Think about it… when was the last time you ended a call with a customer service representative where you were truly happy and satisfied? Evolved and Operative Intelligence (OI) have partnered to transform contact centres – experientially and operationally. We use AI to help businesses understand […]

3 ways to achieve impact from your Customer Experience (CX)

As I have discussed previously, the experience of a service or product is the basis on which judgements are made about future purchase. Positive customer experiences drive future loyalty, while negative customer experiences lead to dissatisfaction and defection. Unpacking this further, there are three key areas where a great CX program can impact your business. […]

Digging Deep – Customer Experience and NDIS

The rollout of the NDIS scheme was completed for all locations across Australia in 2020. As the scheme becomes embedded and participants gain more experience, many feel empowered to embrace the choice to spend their funding in a way that is most beneficial to them. At Evolved, we work with suppliers of NDIS services to […]

Brand as bot

Consumer Brand Relationships  A true relationship between a consumer and a brand forms from the alignment of values, expressed in a promise, resulting in desire, and manifested in purchase.    We measure brand relationships in various ways.   We understand behaviour with data analytics such as geo, visitation, CLT, reviews, interaction with social media etc.   Social data allows us to track what consumers are saying about the brand online.   Market researchers measure and track brand metrics   such as awareness, familiarity, preference, perception etc.  So far, so good.  Tell us what you know  Data access […]