Digging Deep – Customer Experience and NDIS

The rollout of the NDIS scheme was completed for all locations across Australia in 2020. As the scheme becomes embedded and participants gain more experience, many feel empowered to embrace the choice to spend their funding in a way that is most beneficial to them. At Evolved, we work with suppliers of NDIS services to […]

Brand as bot

Consumer Brand Relationships  A true relationship between a consumer and a brand forms from the alignment of values, expressed in a promise, resulting in desire, and manifested in purchase.    We measure brand relationships in various ways.   We understand behaviour with data analytics such as geo, visitation, CLT, reviews, interaction with social media etc.   Social data allows us to track what consumers are saying about the brand online.   Market researchers measure and track brand metrics   such as awareness, familiarity, preference, perception etc.  So far, so good.  Tell us what you know  Data access […]

The value of customer listening

Listening to your customers has immense value: it reduces customer churn, increases revenue, and improves customer lifetime value.

Enhancing your customer experience strategy

Customer experience strategies are constantly evolving as COVID-19 changes the way we do business. Let’s examine what strategies can be implemented to prosper in a post-pandemic world.

You cannot have a relationship with a survey

Delving into the use of “conversational AI avatars” to underpin company brand values and to create a “survey companion’” with whom employees can build an ongoing relationship of trust.

Who loves a survey?

There is an elephant in the insights room. We need to talk about surveys. Has anybody else noticed just how many companies send out customer satisfaction and feedback surveys?