Consumer Insights Predictions for 2022

2021 saw increases in online qualitative & engagement with customers at mass scale. In 2022, Evolved CEO, Garreth Chandler, foresees an increase in the use of AI from a customer perspective and in the research process.

Meaningful engagement – what is it and why does it matter?

engaged customer

Meaningful engagement means giving people a voice and providing organisations with a window into the hearts and minds of their employees, customers and prospective customers.  Meaningful engagement has become our mantra and it is powered by EVE and Conversational AI. 

Digging Deep – Customer Experience and NDIS

The rollout of the NDIS scheme was completed for all locations across Australia in 2020. As the scheme becomes embedded and participants gain more experience, many feel empowered to embrace the choice to spend their funding in a way that is most beneficial to them. At Evolved, we work with suppliers of NDIS services to […]

How Conversational AI delivers 275% more feedback from customers & employees

When we created Conversational AI, it was because, as a team, we felt that the basic format of a survey has serious limitations. The survey ‘container’ at worst, puts constraints on people’s ability to share their thoughts in a way that is important to them. Even when done well, it is not conducive to encouraging them to share their thoughts and feelings […]

IaaS – Insights as a Service

Having spent a few decades in the Human Centered Design / Research Consulting / Design Thinking realm, I have become a bit of an advocate for high touch, in-person ethnographic methods to derive insights and build relevant solutions based on those insights. Never did I anticipate the day it would be possible to replicate the […]

Brand as bot

Consumer Brand Relationships  A true relationship between a consumer and a brand forms from the alignment of values, expressed in a promise, resulting in desire, and manifested in purchase.    We measure brand relationships in various ways.   We understand behaviour with data analytics such as geo, visitation, CLT, reviews, interaction with social media etc.   Social data allows us to track what consumers are saying about the brand online.   Market researchers measure and track brand metrics   such as awareness, familiarity, preference, perception etc.  So far, so good.  Tell us what you know  Data access […]

You cannot have a relationship with a survey

Delving into the use of “conversational AI avatars” to underpin company brand values and to create a “survey companion’” with whom employees can build an ongoing relationship of trust.

Why language is the best source of insights

The human brain is encoded to understand information that is embedded in our use language. For this reason, the collection and analysis of feedback needs to find ways to determine not just what people are saying but how they say it to deliver real insight. Learn how conversational engagement, driven by AI technology achieves this.

3 New Year tips to improve employee productivity

Do you want to reset your employee engagement strategy and improve your organisation’s productivity? Learn the three things you can do, based on what the best of breed organisations are doing.