Are people thriving or surviving at work? Text analytics gives clear answers

When we report employee engagement feedback to managers, we aim to engage, inform and often to persuade. Being a manager is not an easy job. One has to do one’s own job, guide, lead, inform, develop, nurture, coach, tech and depending on the role, develop business and operating plans for the team. In a busy day, it is easy to miss the small things that help team members feel motivated and enabled in their role.

One of the key criticisms of traditional employee survey reports is that they are not engaging and they do not promote action. Until recently, a typical experience was to have a large PDF report plonked on the desk (or in the inbox). Possibly hundreds of pages long, the manager was left to wade through the report, possibly with the benefit of a group briefing session.

Recently, the PDF has migrated online to a dashboard. Dashboards provide dynamic and interactive feedback that can be far more enlivening and help managers better understand what they actually have to do. PeopleListening results are reported online with mobile first dashboards that make extensive use of visualisations that make the results clear.

peoplelistening screenshot

The challenge for traditional survey driven employee engagement programs is that that with the same questions asked over and over, the results get stale very quickly. Where results are qualified with open ended feedback, the feedback can be quite perfunctory and not illuminating.
PeopleListening is driven by AI powered conversation and we use advanced text analytics to split out what people are talking about. This allows us to not only show what people are saying collectively (and down to the team level) but also the underlying substance of their comments.

peoplelistening screenshot

We’ve also recently completed some exciting analytical work to segment employee engagement according to the well-known ‘emotional contagion’ model. This analytical work completed by our data science team really shows the power of text analytics as a way to understand employee engagement as never before. The following visualizations show across over 10,000 PeopleListening conversations how people segment into different energy states and for each one, the emotional and experience traits that define it.

peoplelistening quadrant

This type of analytics gives managers an immediate and visceral understanding of their team’s emotional state and what is driving it, thus presenting clear calls to action on how to improve it. This is just one example of the types of analytics we can create from the conversations that drive PeopleListening.

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