Actioning feedback from Employee Engagement programmes.

Taking action from feedback, demonstrating that you have listened to your workforce, is the singular most important thing you must do to ensure longevity and success from your Employee Engagement programmes.

The immediacy loop of action

The immediacy loop of action from feedback is critical. Employees who give feedback via engagement surveys often argue that it takes too long to hear the findings; nothing seems to change, and any outcomes/findings do not get actioned and fixed. Oftentimes there is not a quick, clear, decisive action taken; and a lack of communication back to employees that contributed their inputs.
This lack of action can lead to employees who feel there is little point in further participation and engagement levels drop and all the other issues linked i.e. turnover, absenteeism, lower productivity; can increase.

Developing “Action Connect”

With our Employee Engagement platform PeopleListening ; we have designed one of the core features “Action Connect”; to support and drive action from the employee Insights and feedback received..
People managers and leaders need quick, real-time guidance to answer the “what do I do now?” question. Rapid action, to address issues that can be resolved with the correct plan, can result in gains in key metrics, specifically engagement and staff turnover.

The Benefits


We have built our product to auto-link managers to documented solutions to problems; to link managers to other managers who have previously had similar issues; to create a network of solutions within an organisation – all in real-time. These Action Spaces encourage managers to work together to solve problems but also give the P&C team complete organisational visibility of feedback, opportunities and plan of work in one place. As an added bonus, Action Connect allows them P&C team to directly quantify the impact of changes and initiatives on employee engagement metrics.


‘Action-Connect’ is a game changing feature for our customers. This tool means that not only are all people-leaders singing from the same ‘organisational hymn sheet’ when it comes to surfacing training content and self-serve ‘wiki-solutions’; but also puts people in touch with people that have solved the same issues before. The product enables an organisation to manage its’ knowledge, problem solving IP including wins and losses, it productises organisational leadership experience.

Expedited problem solving

As many of us know, experience counts for a lot. If, as managers, we can quickly access relevant organisational experience to solve our problems, which have been solved before, this virtuous loop of applying organisational leadership experience creates significant value; and in real-time.
Employees get their voices heard, their feedback and issues considered; and importantly, acted on and resolved in quick timeframes, never experienced before.

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