3 New Year tips to improve employee productivity

1. Carpe Diem!

Get your employee feedback program started ASAP. The alternative of not kicking one off is akin to sticking your head in the sand and hoping that things will be okay. This is not a good strategy!

The very best organisations collect regular feedback and listen intently to their staff.

These same best of breed organisations also acknowledge the results and insights from their feedback programs.

And most importantly, they let the team know what they’re going to do to action and improve.

Remember: feedback only leads to improved employee engagement and productivity when positive action is taken, and your team feels ‘heard’.

2. Dig deeper when building teams.

You should not only look at the technical skills and experience of the individuals in the team but also assess and profile the underlying operating physiological culture, style and values of the various individuals.

The best organisations have data on and understand the underlying psychology of each team member, including behavioural, cultural and values drivers. These organisations have a clear advantage when putting effective teams together.

3. Let your team talk about and share what matters to them – don’t only survey them about topics that matter to you!

Taking this approach will enable you to surface issues and opportunities that would otherwise lie dormant.

There is nothing worse than not being able to voice your opinion on something important when it matters.

The best organisations are now also using technology-led conversational approaches to extract employee feedback, not just directive and staid question-response survey methods.

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